Sleep deprivation and mental fatigue costs the economy and organisations millions - and that includes yours.

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Did you know?

Lack of sleep has the same impact on the brain as being drunk

Offshore oil platform

20% of driving accidents are due to fatigued drivers

Long distance driving

Poor sleep quality raises cortisol levels and increases stress related absence at work

Work fatigue

Why we do it

Purely Balanced is a company that believes that a well run business starts with a well rested team and we strongly believe ‘well rested’ comes down to two areas being aligned – your evening sleep and your daily movements.

So we focus on exactly that. We live in a world that doesn’t switch off and everything is now at the touch of a button. So why not do the same for health and well-being? We believe you should give a person the knowledge and power to help them help themselves. And that is exactly what we do.

We have an innovative way of dealing with fatigue and stress by which we teach sessions that not only give the listener an understanding of how fatigue and stress affect us, we also teach how to notice when it’s playing a factor in their day to day lives. We teach easy to use techniques that can used as soon as the session is over! IT’S THAT QUICK.

This is not your normal health and well-being at work session. We have a very unique way of approaching this subject that we promise you your users will gain a lot from. We believe in what we do so much so we offer a free pilot to businesses so you can get a little taster of what we do and how we do it. See first-hand why one company CEO said “I didn’t know I needed this till I saw it and once I did I couldn’t stop taking notes, improving my sleep has changed my life.”

Work team
Remote working and meeting
Internal meeting

How we do it

Our basic templates set for each session we offer are listed below.

We then work with you as a company to create bespoke workshops and sessions tailored to you and your teams. Suited to your workforces needs and requirements such as:

  • Face to face training
  • Train the trainer
  • Live broadcasts and webinars
  • Recorded broadcasts and webinars
  • Manager plus level advanced training
  • Licensed rights to our bespoke video content

Fatigue Management:
Sleep Education and Training


  • Why we need sleep
  • Roles and benefits of sleep
  • How to improve the quality of your sleep
  • How to get the best from your day to improve your sleep
  • Science backed strategies on improving sleep
  • Science based techniques on waking up
  • How to wake up smarter
  • How to defeat the mid-day ‘lull’
  • How to handle shift rotations and shift pattern change (if required)
  • How to transition on rotation of shift patterns (if required)

Mind Management:
Stress and Pressure Resilience Training


  • What is stress and anxiety?
  • Feeling depressed or are you under pressure? How to handle change and uncertainty
  • How the mind works on negative thinking and how to use that for your benefit to problem solve
  • 7 +/- 2 rule, how to regain focus when an event happens that knocks you off track
  • How to use the rule of 3 for getting tasks done and becoming overall more productive
  • How to create a calmer mindset to handle customers or tasks
  • How to notice if your focus is dropping and how to reset
  • Body posture for at home working
  • How to switch off from work to home life
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Online Courses

Start investing in your sleep. With hours of content from one of the leading sleep experts, you will never have another sleepless night again.

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What our clients say about us

Purely Balanced has helped a range of businesses large, including FTSE 100 listed and small across diverse sectors including services, retail, haulage and logistics as well the oil and gas sector, electronics more. All understanding the benefits to a productive workforce of reducing mental fatigue and improving sleep. Find some feedback from people and businesses we’ve worked with below.

“The sessions were enjoyable and engaging and the feedback has been excellent. There have been noticeable benefits for staff morale, a reduction in tensions and related increase in productivity.

I really can’t recommend Emma’s services highly enough!”

Managing Director
Major logistics company

“After speaking to the Elected Safety Reps onboard, they have heard really positive feedback from the crew on the techniques you equipped them with. Many have found significant improvements in their ability to sleep and quality of sleep.”

Offshore Installations Manager
Oil and Gas sector

“I tried the breathing exercises Emma gave us and I fell asleep on the train! I have suffered insomnia for years and again have been trying the exercises on a night and they WORKED. I have already started noticing a calmer more relaxed approach meaning I am more efficient at work.”

HR Services
Major services company

“I had the pleasure of being in a workshop of Emma’s and I can honestly say it’s one of the best I have ever attended. Emma is clearly very knowledgeable on her subject and her delivery is easily understood by people who are hearing it for the first time. I witnessed her deal with a very emotional subject and respectfully gave the individual some step by step techniques to help themselves. I hope to work with Emma again in the future.”

Manufacturing Engineer
Major electronics company

“Very informative all nice and simple techniques anyone can do, suitable for all people. I think there is definitely a need to help people understand the tools they have are there to be used and how to use them.”

A leading oil and gas Company

“I didn’t even realise I needed these sessions until I watched them. You need to watch these because they put a spin on health and well-being in such a real life way. Relatable, likeable and really interesting.”

Large retailer

“As a self declared insomniac I must say I was apprehensive about the session. Now I’ve attended I cannot recommend enough. The techniques I tried worked that well I fell asleep on the train home practicing them and I’ve improved my sleep quality by 50 minutes a night of extra sleep.”

Public sector employer

“I can certainly recommend Purely Balanced seminars, I am a medical professional and I was at a plateau, struggling with fatigue and failing to progress and failing to recover between training sessions. Purely Balanced offered help and aid techniques that have helped me so much I refer my own clients now.”

Medical sector

“I am an active organised mum of HR professional I run full speed ahead every day and take very little time out for me! I thought I was ok until I tried chatty diary and grouping it into 3s WOW what a difference I feel! I have more time and I’m going slower but getting more done. I attended Be Kind to Your Mine and I have shared it with my friends and family.”


“I always find myself in and out of auto pilot during a working day. NEVER did I realise that this was the equivalent of working drunk. I operate machinery and other peoples lives are at risk. What a fabulous session it change my thinking on feeling tired and made me more alert and safer at work.”

Engineering sector

“I’ve struggled with sleep for years and after watching this I can safely say I am having the best night sleep I’ve ever had a definite must watch.”

Haulage sector

“Tried the five point switch off routine every night this week! I’ve never felt more energised and focused and happier than I do right now! Highly recommend to anyone young or old. What a difference a good night sleep makes.”

At large retailer

“I work in a high stress role and I’ve already started noticing a calmer more relaxed approach to situations. I am more efficient at work, I’m more present at home and everyone is noticing a difference around me.”

Haulage company

Emma Cook

A little about us

Emma cook, the owner and founder has over a decade of research into why we do what we do and how do it better. Emma has worked with over 3000 1-2-1 clients and from all the data gathered has brought to you bitesize workshops that help most of your employees to sleep better and feel better.

Emma has presented these session globally to crowds of as small as 100 and to companies as large as 60,000 employees. Emma has also been featured on CIPD UK panel board and on the IOSH panel board speaking on fatigue and mind matters in our workforce. With a background in HR, Management, Holistic Wellbeing and a qualified teacher of the healing power of the mind Emma’s dedicated herself to helping others.

Purely Balance has Public Liability Insurance and Professional Indemnity Insurance in place.

CPD Accreditation

Purely Balanced has official recognition as an Accredited Provider with the CPD Standards Office.

CPD Provider 22250


  • Level 3 Education and Training
  • Registered IOSH - Institute of Occupational Safety and Health Training provider
  • Training Level - Healing power of the mind
  • Masters Level - The art of finding stillness and calm
  • HUET BOSIET MIST & Vantage Card
  • Diploma in Holistic Therapy and Anatomy and Physiology
  • CIPD QCF Level 3

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