Sleep deprivation and fatigue costs the economy and organisations millions (and that includes yours).

It is recognised fatigue is responsible for up to £240 million lost per year due to accidents in the work place

31.2 million working days lost due to work related ill health

• Did you know: A bad night sleep gives you the cognitive impairment equivalent to having a blood alcohol level of .5% … (technically over the legal limit to drive) and you wouldnt let your workers work drunk now would you?

• And did you know: A bad night sleep also makes reaction and judgement time slower as well as impairing your hand eye coordination – putting you and your team at higher risk of accidents in the work place!

• Also, a bad nights sleep raises cortisol levels in the blood increasing stress and anxiety resulting in more stress related absences at work.

Purely Balanced is a company dedicated to improving productivity, staff health and wellbeing and motivation in the workplace through fatigue management sleep well seminars.

Sleep well seminar covers:

  • Why we need sleep
  • Roles and benefits of sleep
  • How to improve the quality of your sleep
  • How to get the best from your day to improve your night sleep
  • Science backed strategies on improving sleep
  • Science based techniques on waking up
  • How to wake up smarter
  • How to defeat the mid-day ‘lull’
  • How to handle shift rotations and shift pattern change (If required)
  • How to transition on rotation of shift patterns (if required)

Take a moment and think of how you feel after a good night sleep?

Productive?       Motivated?       Focused?

Now imagine a workforce full of employees who feel the same way! Think of the effect on your organisation and yearly figures when your team is well rested and ready for their day… everyday!!

We spend one third of our life asleep yet we never get shown HOW TO sleep well how to get the most out of the sleep you do get or how to improve the quality of sleep we have… UNTIL NOW

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